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Orion Cooker Cutaway with Turkey Smoker

The Orion Cooker...

…the best backyard BBQ smoker for moist, tender and delicious meat!

What is your favorite way to enjoy beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish or wild game—charcoaled, barbequed, smoked, roasted? As an all-in-one convection cooker and meat smoker, the Orion Cooker is the outdoor charcoal grill for master grillers, occasional cooks, and all who love succulent, flavorful meat without a long wait or major effort!

Simply load your Orion Cooker and light the charcoal for smoked baby back ribs, BBQ chicken on the grill, roasted turkey, smoked brisket—cooked to perfection in a fraction of the usual time with virtually no effort!

If you’ve been searching for a versatile backyard barbeque grill—also a great tailgate smoker—the durable, stainless steel Orion Cooker, complete with accessories and cookbook, is the best BBQ smoker you’ll find.

Three Basic Steps:

  • 1. Load The Orion Cooker  

    • Load the Orion Cooker® with ribs, turkey, chicken, seafood, etc.
    • Place charcoal in both the top and bottom rings.
    • Wood chips can also be added to enhance the flavor.

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  • 2. Light the Charcoal  

    • Light the charcoal in both of the charcoal rings.
    • Walk away and let the Orion Cooker® do the rest of the work.
    • Indirect heat creates a constant convection current that cooks your meat quickly and evenly.

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  • 3. Ready to Eat  

    • 100% indirect heat cooks quickly and delivers a slow cooked taste.
    • Enjoy moist, tender meat.

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