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Handy Hook Germ Utility Tool

Handy Hook Germ Utility Tool

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The days of opening doors with your pinky, elbows or shirt sleeves are over - no more “Door Dancing”. Simply add the Handy Hook to your key chain and you are good to go!

Use it on door handles, kitchen sinks, gas pump key pads, ATM keypads, elevators, retail checkout payment pads, etc. 

Lightweight & Durable - Clip it onto your keys for easy and safe use. Made with 1/8 inch aluminum our Handy Hook is made to last. 

Open Doors & More - Handy Hook is a simple tool with many uses, you can open doors that use a lever and you can flush toilets with your Handy Hook!

Although the Handy Hook minimizes exposure to bacteria, we recommend that you keep your Handy Hook washed and sanitized. 


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  • 1/8 inch aluminum
  • Made in the USA 🇺🇸 by Winkler Knives
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