Are you searching for the ultimate BBQ smoker? That piece of equipment that is going to make your BBQ dishes the very best? Your head is probably spinning trying to figure out if a pellet smoker, a pellet grill, a pit barrel cooker, smoker grill or BBQ smoker is truly the best, right? Well - we’ve made things easy for you. The Orion Smoker takes all these styles of barbecuing and creates a single solution - a sensational valued cooker that does it all (without you having to babysit) and in a fraction of the time. Welcome to the new, effortless world of BBQ smoking like a master chef. Welcome to the Orion Smoker. 

The Orion BBQ Smoker vs Pellet Smoker

This quick-glance table gives you a great idea of how the Orion Cooker differs significantly from, for example, a pellet smoker. As you can see, cooking style, maintenance, speed, portability and cost (each of which we will look at in more detail below) really are game-changers.

Orion Smoker Features and Benefits

Let’s look at the stand-out features and benefits of the best fast cooking BBQ smoker on the market:

  • Cooking times - The Orion cooks to perfection a five-pound brisket three times faster than a pellet smoker
  • Consistent temperature - the three-way cooking process regulates the temperature and evenly distributes heat, smoking meat to its juiciest and most succulent potential
  • Easy to use - add wood chips to the bottom, add meat, set timer, and you’re done
  • Set and forget - the indirect convection heat doesn’t need attention once you’ve fired it up Great smoky flavor - get all the benefits of a traditional bbq smoker
  • Versatile - whether you want the results of a smoker grill or pellet smoker, you get them all with The Orion. Brisket, grilled steak, seafood; anything is possible. Everything is perfection
  • Great value - for just $199.99, you get the high-quality stainless steel and a full warranty
  • A Uniquely Designed BBQ Smoker

    Customers love The Orion cooking smokers because they’re compact, sleek and super easy to use. With quick and easy assembly, you can have them up and running soon after you bring them home. Although you have a choice between three great sizes, all are designed to save you space. Made from high-quality stainless steel, The Orion is hard-wearing and resilient, which is definitely what you want from a BBQ smoker! Also, unlike a pellet grill, which relies on electricity, the small Orion is portable. It only needs wood chips and fire - proper, traditional outdoor camping style but with all the modern conveniences!

    Why Orion Cookers Are Superior

    With its triple-action convection, steam and smoking, The Orion Smoker sure is the most superior BBQ smoker on the market. This isn’t about simply smoking meat; it’s about serving up the most succulent tender ribs, moist Boston butt, super grilled chicken, seafood and even mouth-watering vegetables. Like a pit barrel cooker, you just add charcoal, then set and forget. But the big difference is time. Whereas a pit barrel cooker needs you to start cooking early in the morning for a late dinner, The Orion Smoker doesn’t need to be fired up until well after lunch. So forward plan other things in life, but not your BBQs!

    We also pride ourselves on delivering the best possible customer service, which shows in our 5-star reviews. In addition, we look after all our customers with the best shipping policies and warranties on the market. So why not contact us or come visit any of our friendly teams in our stores around the US? The Orion takes everything you love about all the different styles of BBQ and rolls it into one premium quality, affordable, time-saving unit. One bite into this melt-off-the-bone BBQ goodness, and you’ll only have eyes for The Orion.