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Orion Cooker

Chimney Starter

Chimney Starter

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Use this 5 lb. chimney starter to give your food the grilled, smoky taste that people crave, without the hassle of waiting on charcoal briquettes to heat up!

This simple device is a must-have for any charcoal grill master - simply remove the grates, place the chimney in the grill, and load crumpled up newspaper into the bottom of the starter.

Load the top chamber with up to 5 lb. of charcoal briquettes, place the starter on the grill, and light the paper using the bottom vent holes. About 20 minutes later, your briquettes will be lit and can be poured evenly into the grill!

This tool also fires up your grill without using lighter fluid, which saves you money and gives peace of mind if you're worried about a starter fluid affecting the quality of your food.


Overall Dimensions:

Width: 6 1/2"
Height: 10 1/2"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Daniel Foy
chimney Starter

Used Lump charcol for first chimney starter in Orion Bullet. Worked really well lit quickly and filled furnace to top. Resulte in delicious Brisket smoke Dan

David McLaughlin
Chimney Starter

I have never used one before, and I am so impressed with how quick and simple this makes starting the charcoal. Seems to be the perfect amount of coal that fits in my Bullet Smoker.

Larry Ladue
Start 'Em Up

Well made, gets charcoal along the ring & top going faster.

Herman Smith
Gets the fire going

Gives me the amount to fire to get my Otion to do my cooking