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Original Orion Cooker® Weather Resistant Camo Cover

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Orion Cooker® Weather Resistant Camo Cover

Protect your Original Orion Cooker® from the elements with our durable, weather-resistant cooker cover.
  • Made of Heavyweight Nylon Lined with PVC
  • Custom Fit for The Original Orion Cooker®
  • Original Cover Dimensions 27"H x 26"W

Customer Reviews

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Jimmy and Suzie Hyde
Love every Orion product

We've been buying Orion products for a few years. So much more economical than those high priced pellet smokers and they fit almost anywhere. We have the original smoker, the table, the grill, the covers, and replacement parts (we lost a few) don't break the bank. Orion products do not become obsolete when you lose a bolt or grate. Who needs high dollar stuff when you can be practical AND economical! This cover is a replacement for an old cover that flat out wore out from years of use. I have no doubt we will get another 4-5 years