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Orion Outdoors

Orion Set of 4 Cups (20oz)

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  • HIGH QUALITY SET: These cups are made from high quality plastic which is durable and made to last. This set is impact resistant and can withstand regular use and the strain of being packed in a bag with other heavy items. Due to the material this set is made of, it can easily be wiped clean and stacked together for easy storage too.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Help the environment by stopping buying disposable glasses for your BBQs, camping or picnics. This set will save you money in the long-run because you can reuse them again and again, rather than throwing away paper cups and having to buy more.
  • MULTI-USE DINING: These tumblers are perfect to use indoor or outdoor. They are great for picnics, BBQ's or to be used at dinner parties or for general use at home. The lightweight and durable nature of these cups means they can be used over and over again!