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Orion Cooker

Rugged Road Cooler

Rugged Road Cooler

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Weighing in at just under 10 lbs, the Rugged Road 65 is the world’s lightest high-performance cooler at 1/3 the weight of comparable coolers.

The secret behind this cooler’s amazing feather weight, indestructible shell, and ice retention is the unbeatable combination of Rigorite™ outer shell and Fridgite™ insulating core. So light and durable you can take this cooler anywhere you go, even on the water. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra lightweight—under 10 lbs!
  • Holds 9.92 gallons or 55lbs. of ice
  • Dimensions: 18" wide x 26" long x 16" tall
  • Virtually indestructible Rigorite™ construction
  • 7+ days of ice retention—top 1% performance
  • Cavernous storage space holds 65 12-oz. cans
  • Floats upright so you can use it in water
  • Multi-purpose, reversible lid with cup holders and cutting board
  • “Double-Up” Handle System
  • “Get a Grip” Non-Slip Surface
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Leaked from the drain on day one. It’s also not as rugged as the name suggests.

The cooler mars and dents fairly easily and it leaked from the drain on day one. RR’s customer service quickly shipped there drain tool to tighten the drain, which did fix the issue, but I’d expect more upon delivery of a premium-priced cooler.

Its only saving grace is that it does float upright, as advertised. It’s a great lake cooler but it’s far from rugged and the lack of a sealing lid really does leave a bit to be desired.

David Eyler

Haven’t had a chance to use it yet I will review at a later date.