Thanks for Sharing!

Thanks for Sharing!


At Orion, we are forever committed to finding innovative ways to cook delicious meats that leave you with no choice but to brag about how tasty and tender your meal was.


We’re not saying you’re fishing for compliments (or are you?!?!), but there is absolutely a certain level of pride that goes into cooking. And there absolutely should be! We get it. In fact, we’re just like you. We feel it, too. It was that very desire that ultimately led to us creating the Orion Outdoor Cooker 15 years ago and, ultimately, sharing it with the rest of the world.


We’re not necessarily fishing for compliments either, but we absolutely want to hear from Orion users. We obviously love when they share their great experiences because that’s what this is all about. But we certainly welcome suggestions about ways we can improve our outdoor cookers as well because...well...that is what this is all about, too.


We recently scoured the internet and various social media platforms and other media outlets looking for comments about the Orion Outdoor Cooker. And, now, in a shameless attempt at self promotion, we will share those with you.


Thanks in advance to all who have purchased or used the Orion Outdoor Cooker and our other products over the years. We appreciate your support more than you know. And a special thanks to those who took the time to share their thoughts.


Below are a collection of those comments…


It's hard to convey how well this smoker performs. Chicken, beef, fish and pork all come out moist with a great smoked flavor. Following the simple guidelines provided, we've never had anything not cooked to perfection. As the instructions suggest, resist the temptation to check on your meat during cooking; you will just let out steam and smoke and delay the cooking process. Set the timer on your phone and go back when it's done. Just "set it and forget it". 

— Steve Bingham

I’ve been using an Orion for the last two years on the prodding from a friend. Oysters and seafood are incredible when smoked with a little white wine in the drip tray. Poultry is unbeatable and as tender as you will find. No hassle checking the grill every 15 minutes like a regular BBQ.

— Joe


I’ve had my Orion for a couple years now. LOVE it! Can’t go wrong. Can cook for a crowd so easy.

— Barb 


I’ve used the Orion Cooker numerous times. It cooks extremely well, especially if you don’t have dedicated time to baby sit the pit. It’s too easy to cook in this lil’ unit! Love it!

— Linda Dalton


Have cooked on this two times. Ribs took one hour and 10 minutes, and brisket took four hours. Both times it was easy to prepare. You do not have to look at your food while cooking. Everything is based on time and you take it off when the time is complete. So much easier than trying to keep adjusting the temperature all day long. Wood chips placed inside the outdoor cooker provides all the smoke flavor you need. Meat in both cases was absolutely delicious. Better than our local BBQ restaurants. I highly recommend this outdoor cooker.

— John Dagen


I have had the Orion  Outdoor Cooker for over two years. I took it out of the box, did a full dry run smoking the chips with no meat, then smoked a 22-pound turkey later that day to perfection. The Orion Cooker acts like a heater when camping, cooks amazingly, and qualifies as the 8th wonder of the cooking world. I would not be without one.

— Steve Brady


I had an Orion and I found it to be a stellar poultry cooker. It does use a lot of charcoal and takes forever to cool down.

— PatioDaddio


I just purchased an Orion and cooked a 15-pound turkey. Worked great. I was concerned about how much charcoal it used. I substituted 2/3 charcoal capacity for wood (oak) and it worked fine. Get a layer of charcoal (about two briquets deep) started, then put the wood on top of it, was still plenty hot after 1:45 cook time.

— James


We love our Orion! To use less charcoal, we made a wire ring with hardware cloth that fits inside the place charcoal goes. We use probably less than half of what we would without the hardware cloth ring we made and, yes, it cooks exactly the same in the same amount of time!  We use wood chips for smoke flavor and it works great.

— Regi A


The ultimate outdoor oven. I already had three other BBQ appliances but decided to try this anyway. I've never had much luck cooking brisket in the past, as it usually comes out too dry or too tough. But with the Orion it came out perfect in four hours. Using it was extremely simple and once you lit the coals, you were done. The only thing I might do differently to it is to add a thermometer. Not that it needs it, but I am curious as to how hot it gets in there; although it is a moist heat.

— BV


The Orion is wonderful. Time saved and great flavor, too. Thank you Orion.

— Tony


There are many types of smokers out there, and some will say this isn't a smoker at all. I'm here to tell you they're wrong. I've owned and used this smoker more times than I can count over the last six years. This is tried and true. I've smoked ribs, pork shoulder, chicken, turkey, ham and beef brisket. All have turned out wonderful. Friends and family have told me that the meat was the best they've eaten. Some complain that it uses just about a whole bag of charcoal and they're right. But think about it, all smokers use some type of fuel that you'll be paying for. The cost associated with a traditional offset smoker using coals and large pieces of wood will cost more than a $10 bag of Matchlight and a bag of wood chips that will last several months. 

— Cory



Again, we appreciate all the feedback from our users, and we encourage you to share any thoughts, photos, recipes and ideas on our Instagram and Facebook pages as well. Please note that all above comments are from users, and any modifications are not necessarily endorsed by Orion Outdoors. For safety purposes and best results, we recommend referring to the Orion Manual & Cookbook. Enjoy your Orion Outdoor Cooker!

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