BBQ Smokers That Save You Time And Effort

There’s no doubt that slow food is pretty special, but why wait when your Orion Cooker creates the perfect ‘slow cooked’ tenderness in super-fast time?

Take a five-pound brisket, for example. A typical pellet smoker requires some serious forward-planning, with a solid 13.5 hours to do the job. The Orion Cooker literally smokes the competition, delivering that same eat-me-now brisket in an incredible 4.5 hours. Unlike pellet grills, which need monitoring, that’s 4.5 hours free time to spend doing something else.

What’s more, you save time in preparation, too. Simply add your charcoal, add your wood chips, place your meat in the chamber, close the lid, light the charcoal, and you’re done—all the results of slow cooking with none of the effort.

The Orion Cooker V Pellet Smoker

A Charcoal Smoker For All Sizes

The Orion Cooker comes in three sizes, making it perfect for any occasion and scale of BBQing event.

The Small Orion Cooker - a great cooker for camping and tailgating

The Original Orion Cooker - the perfect backyard cooker for larger families or small gatherings

The Large Orion Cooker - here comes the heavy-hitter, able to take on the big events and make them look effortless

Three In One Cooking Processes

OK, so forget everything you’ve heard about too many cooks in the kitchen!

The Orion Cooker uses three cooking processes - convection, steam and smoke - simultaneously. Unlike vertical smokers, pellet smokers and pit barrel cookers, the Orion doesn’t specialize in just one type of cooking. Instead, it triples the magic, resulting in the most succulent, tender dishes imaginable.

Convection – with two heat sources the enclosed chamber creates a convection current, meaning a balanced distribution of heat for evenly cooked meat

Steam – an internal liquid tray helps get all those mouth-watering meaty juices flowing

Smoke – by adding wood chips it adds the finishing touch; that unbeatable, authentic, great southern-style BBQ texture and flavor

Yes, indeed, three cooks are better than one!

The Best Backyard BBQ Smoker That Lets You ‘Set And Forget’

We were never going to settle for being the best Charcoal smoker on the market.

For us, it’s all about the BBQ and so much more. Since 2004, The Orion Cooker has been helping Americans enjoy the most out of life. We’ve worked to make sure our products get more families and friends into the great outdoors. We want them to spend quality time with each other - not sweating over the cooker.

It’s just one of the reasons our BBQ smokers are loved around the nation, with hundreds of stores selling our incredible smoker cookers. Our valued customers trust that they can simply set and forget, leaving The Orion Cooker to run the show whilst they enjoy some down-time.

But like we said, it’s about so much more...

100% Food Grade Stainless Steel

When it comes to solid materials, we don’t skimp on any detail.

All our cookers and attachments are 100% food-grade stainless steel. That commercial-level quality not only ensures the best cooking results, it also makes for one tough unit! It’s going to be out there working hard in the elements, maybe getting bounced around on camping trips. The stainless steel is super durable and ready to take on whatever you throw at it (well, within reason!).

Cook Like A Master Griller

What does your family want to eat this evening?

A Caribbean jerk shrimp? Pork tenderloin? Boston butt? The Orion Cooker will handle any of them. What other charcoal smoker grill will cook a moist turkey on the poultry stand, a salmon fillet on one of three grates, and six racks of baby back ribs on the rib hangers? This BBQ is one talented multi-tasker!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Master Griller challenging your cooking limits or an occasional cook; the Orion Cooker will work wonders on any dish.

Free Shipping For All Orion BBQ Smokers

Whether you’re looking for smoker grills in Georgia, charcoal smokers in California or BBQ smokers in Minnesota, the Orion Cooker is going to answer all your meat-loving needs. Even better, we’ll ship your cooker to you free of charge so you can say “Let’s eat the meat” in no time at all!

The Orion Smoker’s Happy Customers

If they can tear themselves away long enough from their world-class beef briskets, our customer feedback speaks volumes! Since 2004 we’ve worked hard to make the best BBQ smokers on the market, and it makes us incredibly proud when we hear from our happy customers.

The Orion Cooker promises to take the time and effort out of your BBQs, leaving you with just one thing to do...

Eat the meat.


A Special Collaboration Will Stock Your Cellars With Perfect Wines To Pair With Delicious Dishes Prepared On Your Orion Cooker®