COOKING TIMES Vs Pellet Smoker

The Orion Cooker

The best backyard BBQ smoker for moist, tender & delicious meat!

The Large Orion Cooker

The Original Orion Cooker

The Small Orion Cooker

3 Cooking Processes: Steam - Smoke - Convection

Cooking with the best smoker - The Orion!

As an all-in-one convection cooker and meat smoker, the Orion Cooker is the outdoor charcoal grill for master grillers, occasional cooks, and all who love succulent, flavorful meat without a long wait or major effort!

Orion Outdoors is an outdoor consumer products company focused on bringing innovative product solutions to the outdoor living market.

Founded in 2004, when we introduced our flagship product the Orion Cooker, Orion Outdoors has continued to develop new and innovative products.

Orion Outdoors is based in Atlanta, GA. With products sold in over 2500 retail locations across America.



Being as we’re all about meat, a whole lot can happen before your MEAT meets the smoker and we'd like to pass on some of our recipes.