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Orion Cooker

The Bullet Smoker

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The Bullet Smoker uses a unique hanging technique that allows you to smoke large amounts of meat at one time.

You are sure to enjoy “Hanging Around” your new Bullet Smoker!!!

  • Produces Great Smoked Flavor
  • Indirect Cooking
  • 100% Stainless Steel for Easy Clean Up
  • Very Little Charcoal Use
  • Comes Standard with two 19" cooking grates
  • Comes standard with 10 meat hooks

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lindsey Wright

It did great smoking my brisket, but one of the rack holders is weak and when I stuck my thermometer in the brisket the rack gave way and my brisket fell to the bottom.

Mitch Samuels
The new Bullet smoker is a very well built smoker!

I own several smokers from the original Orion, the Green Egg, Masterbuilt electric, pellet smoker, and a 500 gallon barrel smoker. My first cook was 3 tri tip roasts done brisket style and some candied pork belly burnt ends. I found it very straight forward and easy to use. The charcoal holder isn’t taht big, but it was easy to access through that door and add more as you go. Accessibility during cooking is very manageable for a bullet smoker. Pretty good volume too.

Berry Whatley
Best Smoker/cooker

This is the best smoker/cooker I've ever had. It's very efficient with charcoal and doesn't require much to cook with.
I am extremely pleased with the quality and the awesome design. If you are looking for a charcoal smoker/cooker then this is the one. Go ahead, get one you won't be disappointed.

Kenneth Carpenter
Easy to use!

Finally received the new bullet smoker and decided to try some baby backs. Used lump charcoal that was started in a fire chimney along with a couple of chunks of apple. Couldn't be easier to use.. Hung three racks of dry rubbed ribs from the top ring and let it go. Had a little bit of learning to figure out the best combination of dampers but once I found it, dialed right in at 225. I put about a quart of water and apple cider vinegar in the lower drip tray. Probably not necessary but i did it anyhow. Lump charcoal lasted about 2 1/2 -3 hours before I needed to add. It is amazing how little you have to use. By far the best bullet style I have used straight out of the box. Another great product by Orion. Next on to the pork butt to try!

Sean Foster
Best Bullet Smoker For The Money

Great classic charcoal bullet smoker, but more heavy duty. Used 1/2 the charcoal than other smokers that I have used. Holds temperature extremely well. Add your favorite chunks of wood for great smoke taste and enjoy all the compliments you will get from family and friends.