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Orion Cooker

The Bullet Smoker

The Bullet Smoker

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If the sound of smoked chicken, ribs or other delicious meats makes your mouth water then you’re going to have fun with The Bullet Smoker!

The Bullet Smoker not only excels at smoking meats like chicken and ribs, but its exceptional design also makes it an excellent roasted duck cooker, ensuring succulent and flavorful results every time

It’s a straightforward and charcoal-efficient way to smoke your favorite meats to perfection. Hanging hooks let you smoke your meats with indirect heat, so you make meat that’s savory to the very center!

Key Features:

  • Made with premium stainless steel that’s easy to clean and maintain
  • Smokes your meat with indirect heat for an overall tastier and more savory flavor
  • Comes with 10 meat hanging hooks and (2) 19” cooking grates
  • Fun and convenient way to smoke meat on your back porch or patio.

Smoke your favorite meats with our Bullet Smoker and order yours today!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 52 reviews
    Doug Miller

    Believe the hype. I have been smoking meat for about 20 years. The bullet smoker is a terrific addition for my smoking adventures. Solid from top to bottom. Really easy to prepare a feast that your guests will rave about. Very satisfied customer.

    Frederick Bronson
    Great Smoker

    Great smoker. Once started, adding charcoal chunks and maintaining heat source is easy. Meats come out tasting delicious.

    Impressive smoker

    I bought one of the original Orion cookers back in 2006 or so. I really enjoyed how I was able to effortlessly cook ribs, turkey, chicken, and many other things. The problem (I thought) was it was too easy! So I sold it and bought a big gas grill. After a year or so I knew I messed up and I searched high and low until I was able to locate a dealer so I could purchase a new one.
    Now I have several grills and smokers and outdoor ovens, but nothing has ever impressed me like the original Cooker. I was bragging on it to a friend. I showed him the website and I see the new smoker. What? Naturally I am interested and start looking into it. Next thing I know it is on my wants list.
    I buy it, receive it, assemble it and do the initial cleanup and burn. This thing is nice. However, the build quality pales in comparison to the original Cooker. Orion didn't use screws and washers like I'm used to them using. Instead there are rivets. These are okay for import junk, but not for a well built piece of hardware. The finish is very nice. The fit is a bit light. Smoke leaks out all over the unit and the lid illeaves a lot to be desired since it is a weak spot for losing heat and the smoke adjuster is not made to be stout.
    With all this being said it is impressive to look at. I'm hoping my first big smoke justifies my purchase.

    David Martin

    This is my first attempt at smoking and I cannot give it any more because of lack of experience

    Andrewhed Andrewhed
    Nice smoker

    Very nice and easy using. The only thing is kinda hard to clean inside due to it is steel.