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The Bullet Smoker

The Bullet Smoker

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If the sound of smoked chicken, ribs or other delicious meats makes your mouth water then you’re going to have fun with The Bullet Smoker!

It’s a straightforward and charcoal-efficient way to smoke your favorite meats to perfection. Hanging hooks let you smoke your meats with indirect heat, so you make meat that’s savory to the very center!

Key Features:

  • Made with premium stainless steel that’s easy to clean and maintain
  • Smokes your meat with indirect heat for an overall tastier and more savory flavor
  • Comes with 10 meat hanging hooks and (2) 19” cooking grates
  • Fun and convenient way to smoke meat on your back porch or patio.

Smoke your favorite meats with our Bullet Smoker and order yours today!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Jaaziah L Vaoalii
    Good quality and service

    Was on time and worked really well for us. We bought 3 for our food truck, we have not set up yet but we tried roasting chicken and some pork meat and turned out great.

    David Taylor
    Love it!!!

    Quality built. Easy to use. Just buy it, you’ll be glad you did!!! And if you don’t have the original smoker, you NEED one of those too. I’ve never had smoked turkey so juicy till I bought it.

    awesome heat control

    I love the fact that this charcoal smoker has such a great fire "capsule"....much easier to control the heat than my propane smoker.......I was able to maintain a low 200 degrees and just have to add two or three briquets of (untreated) charcoal every hour to maintain 200 degrees

    Joseph Zuniga
    Awesome Smoker

    This is a great product and does exactly what is is designed to do. And does it extremely well! I think I have had it maybe 2 weeks and have cooked on it 5-6 times. I use it as a smoker / direct heat cooker. Hanging chickens, ribs, sausage, ect comes out fantastic. I have also used the grills it comes with to slow smoke salmon and a prime brisket, both were delicious. Controlling the temp could not be easier with vents on the top and bottom. Temperature control can also be done by adding or reducing the amount of lump charcoal you use. The efficiency “use” of the charcoal is outstanding and the heat retention is great. Plus the customer service is real…I emailed a question a live person responded promptly and got me fixed up.

    Willie Patterson
    The Silver Bullet

    The Silver Bullet is by far one of the best smoker/grill out there for 2022. I have a Smokey Mountain Weber and it is now my second best smoker. The beauty of this smoker is that it is user friendly and can be used everyday. For all beginners the Bullet is the best choice to make. All those that wants bragging rights on their food. This is the smoker for you.. The fuel source for this smoker is less than half of what is required to start up any smoker. The food on this smoker is like no others. And I am comparing this to the Weber and Green Egg, each that I own. No tools are required to set up the Bullet.