The Orion Accessories You Need

The Orion Accessories You Need

The Orion Outdoor Cooker, a must have for family get togethers, especially ones in the outdoors. For a traditional Barbeque with family and friends, lighting it and forgetting it is the most convenient way to entertain your friends and be a part of the fun while also impressing them with delicious american cookout meats and veggies. No matter which size, a single Orion Outdoor Cooker is enough to craft a meal that will knock them off their feet, but there are many more accessories that will make your cooking and preparation time even more simple. 

All Orion Cookers and accessories are made from the highest quality materials and will be around for many future family BBQ’s and cookouts. For additional protection, make sure  to grab a Orion Outdoor Cooker cover to protect it from the elements any time of the year. In addition, don’t miss out on a free two year warranty, just in case, register your Orion to ensure coverage. 

Cooking in the O is a quick and easy task, no questions asked. Nobody minds the prep and cooking when it's quick and easy, however, the cleanup and dishes are another story. A lot of outdoor cookers and grills require a lengthy and messy cleanup, which conveniently - nobody is ever around to help with. Thankfully, Orion offers an ad-on grease trap, which not only simplifies the clean-up, but also saves your wood chips. The less grease and juices your wood chips are exposed to, the longer your Orion keeps cooking and the fewer wood chips are used. 

While we are on the topic of easy cleanups, cleaning the ashes of the used chacoals  out of the Orion Outdoor Cooker after use can be tedious… without the Orion As Removal tray that is! With this little but incredibly useful tool, scooping out the leftover ashes is incredibly simple, clean and fast. No need to get your hands dirty, flip the entire thing upside down and get ashes everywhere, or just leave it in all together because it just seems too tedious to deal with right now. Cleanup is no problem at all with the Orion Outdoor Cooker Ash Removal Tray.

When it comes to checking on the meat that is cooking away in your Orion Outdoor Cooker, protecting your hands when you lift the lid is vital. The last thing you need is a burn on your hand in the midst of a family barbeque or a cookout. In order to prevent any discomfort or burns, Orion’s insulated and coated BBQ gloves are there for safe handling of any hot items including sizzling hot meat. The coating of the gloves ensures safe handling as well as an easy rinse, and prolonged reuse. 

In order to protect your high-end knives and have a solid and sanitary surface to cut your meat on - Orion has developed a custom cutting board. Our end grain walnut and maple wood cutting board is fibrous, which allows for smooth cutting while protecting the blade and keeping it sharp. Not only does it keep your blade in prime condition, it also has sanitary benefits, as the fibers ‘hold on’ to any bacteria until it is washed off wish soap and warm water. To top of these benefits, this cutting board is made here at home, in the USA.

Did you think it couldn't possibly get any better? Well, here we come with our signature Orion BBQ Meat Claws. Not only are they useful for shredding meats, but they are also a pretty cool accessory to show off at your next cookout. Whether for handling meats or shredding them, these heat resistant claws are ideal for any cookout.

Do you need somewhere stable to keep your cooking utensils, bear claws and your Orion Cooker cutting board? Thankfully, Orion Outdoor Cooker has a stainless steel table that attaches to the Orion and doubles as a prep and serving station. Having a stable surface immediately next to your cooker can have a multitude of benefits and will spare you from the indoor / outdoor shuffle with trays and hot food in your hands. 

Did you disassemble your Orion Outdoor Cooker and happen to lose one of the parts? Don’t worry, Orion offers a multitude of replacement parts online. Whether legs, grates, receptacles or brackets, whatever replacement you may need, we’ve got it. 

Whether you are planning on cooking ribs or poultry, the Orion Outdoor Cooker has a stand or hangar for it. Here at Orion, we like to see every meat cooked to perfection, and we stop at no accessory to achieve these results. Along with the hardware to keep these meats fast and secured, our pork and poultry rub can spice up your grill game. Our rub adds balanced flavor while complimenting with savory spices. 

Lastly, don’t forget about our signature wood chips, to add that extra flavor and smoke. Our four different wood chip blends, pork, poultry, beef/game and fish/vegetable/fruit blend. Each one is custom formulated and blended to enrich and intensify the flavor of the meat you are cooking. 

If you are a proud owner of an Orion and want to rep it in front of your friends and family at the next cookout, checkout our apparel. Shirts, Koozies and Camo hats, we’ve got it all. Whether you pick a koozie for your drink or the Orion shirt, sporting any Orion apparel is sure to make a statement at your next outdoor get together. If you want to impress with new, killer recipes, try Orion’s manual and cookbook to take your Orion Outdoor Cooker recipes to the next level. 

If you are cooking out and want to take your Orion outdoor cookout to the next level, any of these accessories will be great additions. The Orion Outdoor Cooker is good enough by itself but if you are ready to take your grill master game to the next level, check out any of these accessories on our website, in the accessories and parts section. Let us know what you think about them in the comments and review sections and follow us on social media for more cool announcements, promotions and recipes.

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