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The Orion Cooker - Of the people, by the people, for the people

In 2004, the Orion Outdoor Cooker revolutionized the way meat is cooked. Like you, the founders of Orion Outdoor Cooker are meat lovers and outdoor cooking enthusiasts who are constantly looking for the next best technique, rub, recipe, etc.


For some, it’s a way to cook…for others, like us, it’s a way of life!


It’s more than a hobby. It’s a passion. And we know there are others out there who are wired the same way. 


We also know there are plenty of folks out there who just want a simpler way to cook a great meal.


The Orion Outdoor Cooker was created for both of these groups, and anybody and everybody in between.


If you’re not already an Orion Outdoor Cooker owner, you’re probably wondering what, exactly, it is and how is it different or better than other products on the market. 


Is it a grill?


Is it a smoker?


Is it a fryer?


The Orion Outdoor Cooker is a convection oven that produces tender, fall-off-the-bone, delicious meat with a hint of smoked flavor…in a fraction of the time.


And no, it’s not a fryer, even though many people say it looks like one. There is no oil required for the Orion, and as tasty as food coming out of a fryer can be, we like our chances every time.


All you need to fire up the Orion Outdoor Cooker is charcoal, which is placed in two rings on the outside of the cooker. For a true smoked experience, you can also add wood chips. Then you can basically set it and forget it. It really is that simple. And the cooking times are incredible.


So, not only are you about to enjoy the most flavorful meat you’ve ever had, but you won’t have to wake up at 6 a.m. to load the smoker for an afternoon of fun.




Hang up to six racks of baby backs in the Orion Outdoor Cooker and in one hour and 15 minutes, they’ll be ready. Only need three racks? The cooking time is 45 minutes to an hour.


Boston Butt?


You can get two of those in the cooking chamber and they’ll be ready in five hours (assuming 6 to 8 pounds each). If you’re only cooking one, the cooking time is closer to three and a half hours.


How about a whole (15 to 20 pounds) turkey? Two hours, or seven minutes per pound.


Chicken? Seven minutes per pound.


Chicken wings? Same…seven minutes per pound.


How about a beef brisket? Figure about 30 minutes per pound.


We could go on but hopefully you get the idea.


So, while we’re focusing on the much shorter cooking times you’ll get with the Orion, we want to be sure we don’t lose sight of the real highlight — the flavor. This isn’t a case where you sacrifice quantity (minutes) for quality (taste). 


There is no compromise with Orion Outdoor Cooker. You get an authentic smoked flavor — tell us where the next competition is, and we’ll be there — in a fraction of the time. And, best of all, it requires no effort once the fire is started. No more monitoring the meat, checking the temperature, moving wood chips or pellets.


We get that for some, that is all part of the appeal to outdoor cooking and smoking. Again, we’re one of you! So, by all means, feel free to hang out next to the Orion Outdoor Cooker and do your thing. Just know it’s not necessary. But, hey, nobody else has to know that, so if “I gotta’ go check on the smoker…AGAIN” is your secret escape, then your secret is safe with us.


We realize that for many companies, products are created because they sense a need or see an opportunity to grab some market sure. We don’t begrudge those companies, but that’s not who we are.


Sure, we need to make money to stay in business just like anybody else, but that’s not why Orion Outdoor Cooker was born. As people — not professionals — were looking for better cooking options to outdoor cooking, grilling and smoking. That means better flavor, faster cooking, less effort and more fun. When we hit on a concept that delivered those things and realized we had actually accomplished our mission, we were naturally excited. At that point, we thought about the countless others who were chasing the same dream, and we wanted to make the product available to them as well. 


That’s what we wanted 15 years ago, and it’s what we still want today. That’s why, in our tireless pursuit of perfection, we continue to expand and evolve our product line to create the ultimate outdoor cooking experience.


It started with the original cooker, and we have added smaller and larger models in recent years to accommodate all needs and space considerations. We also offer multiple wood chip blends for flavor options, and accessories such as attachable stainless steel tables and meat claws to make cooking even more comfortable and convenient. 


Our goal is to make the process as fun and flawless as possible for master grillers as well as occasional cooks who just want to enjoy a nice meal or, perhaps, show off for a bunch of guests. We all take pride in what we serve, right? Let’s be honest, deep down, we all want to be complemented for the food we serve. It’s puts a little extra strut in our step.


It takes one to know one.


We are extremely grateful for the loyal Orion customers who have shared this journey with us, and we hope they never question how much we appreciate their support. We pledge to continue working on your behalf, never forgetting that what you want is what we want, too.


We also know there’s a lot of men and women who aren’t familiar with our line, and there are plenty of good options out there. While we may be a bit biased, we don’t believe anybody does what the Orion Cooker does. If they did, we would have bought their products a long time ago and stayed on the sidelines.


We wanted it. You want it. Now let’s get cookin’!

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