How to Elevate Your Grilling-Game

How to Elevate Your Grilling-Game

Oh, the joy of outdoor barbecue! Capture the essence of outdoor simmering comfort food with convenience and versatility with our Orion products. Cooking outdoors can be an adventure in itself. Spending time grilling with friends and family is a time consuming escapade and an absolutely enjoyable hobby-- allowing it to be the most enjoyable experience for a chef and all side-kick cooks involved. Of course, this setup is best used for larger meals, tailgating or getting heavy loaded meals prepared at a faster pace. There is a greater list of positives to using this style cooker for these purposes than other styles of cooking. Hopefully you’ve landed on this page while deciding how to choose a slow cooker. We are here to prove that this cooker is the best method of BBQ for you, your friends and your family.

What is the Orion Slow Cooker

Orion is a multi-purpose cooking tool to help bring your BBQ dreams to life! WIth this cooker, you can steam, smoke and convection cook a wide variety of food options. Our cooker is made of 100% stainless steel construction which allows for durability and cleanliness, while executing a wildly sleek and sophisticated style. It has a huge cooking chamber that is capable of cooking large quantities of food using the poultry stand, three rib racks, three cooking racks, a lifting handle, a drip pan and handles that stay cool for protective purposes. This spacious contraption seals in heat, moisture and smoke for a triple-whammy heating system by using charcoal as a heat source on a bottom pan which holds excess space for heating capacity. Using this indirect heat allows for a speedy cooking time frame, available to cook a full turkey within 2.5 hours.

Setup Ease

With a super simple set up process, you can get this cooker up and running in no time. The most notable step is to properly fill the bottom base with charcoal, once this is complete the cooking process can begin with a flawless Easy setup and execution is important to our customers because we seek to make this a simple, enjoyable process for you. With that in mind, we store a widely detailed manual and have customer service always available to help with any questions.

Cook times for different meats

Shortening the time of cooking meats is one of the greatest benefits to this style of cooking. Sometimes taking over 4 hours to slow cook a recipe is nice but the more immediate results make for a better overall user experience. You’ll gain more time with your family and friends eating the delicious meal than waiting for it to be served. With a whole Turkey taking under two hours, a pack of baby back ribs under an hour and a half and a full brisket under 5 hours.

The indirect heat offered by this Orion allows for the speed of meats to steam and smoke faster than general grilling. That provides an even tastier smoky flavor through this process of indirect heat. Pork becomes unbelievably tender and juicy, it literally falls apart and is ready to be tossed in a delicious BBQ sauce, not to mention the smell gets everyones bellies rumbling!


A wide variety of accessories used for the grill allow for different styles of cooking. BBQ meat claws shred meat by grabbing and lifting, pulling meat apart flawlessly. The grease catcher is a 100% steel plate that sits at the bottom to the cooking grate, funneling grease off wood chips that provides an easy cleaning process.  Featured Orion wood chips are 100% hardwood, bark-free, forest grown only chips that have been manufactured with this particular BBQ style of cooking in mind. The size of these chips is ideally meant for this capacity cooker, ensuring combustion and flavor. Available blends include the Pork Blend, Poultry Blend, Beef/Game Blend and finally the Fish/Vegetable/Fruit Blend. All of these hold up to three cooks per bag and particularly flavor your meats, veggies or fish according to what recipe you choose. Your meal has bountiful flavoring options, all thanks to Orion!

Why you need to try this cooker

The Orion Slow Cooker is the best backyard BBQ smoker for moist, tender and delicious meat, from conventional cookers to grill masters, with such backyard accessibility ,versatility and dependability; you can’t go wrong. Comparing to other products on the market, the biggest question is are you getting the best bang for your buck. With this stainless steel, long lasting material, the durability is outlasting and guaranteed provides worthwhile With over 2500 retail locations across America, Orion Slow Cooker Outdoors can be found near you to suit your innovative outdoor living space. Create an idyllic contraption atmosphere for your slow-cooking, mouth-watering recipes. 

What are you waiting on? Get cookin’. Whether it is at your next family cookout, for a regular weekday dinner or the highlight of your camping trip, the Orion Slow Cooker is truly the best outdoor pressure cooker and smoker in one. Whether you prefer the small “O”, the original “O” or the large “O”, any Orion will take your next cookout to another level of tender, moist and flavorful barbeque meats or veggies. No matter what Orion Cooker you choose, make sure you get a cover with it, that will protect it from any weather or outside forces. If you’re not using our signature woodchips, you’re not smokin’ right, so add those to your cart too.

Are you concerned about an Orion making it to your next cookout or gathering? Orion offers nationwide, fast shipping that will ensure that your Orion Slow Cooker will be there just in time. We doubt this will happen, because so many grillmasters love the Orion… however, should you be unhappy about absolutely anything throughout your ordering process, our amazing customer service team is here for you at any time. While you are here, head to our social media pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Follow us for giveaways, recipes, cook times and serious drool-worthy content that will motivate any new or experienced grillmaster to take the cover off and fire up their Orion Slow Cooker.

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