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Orion Cooker

Orion Cooker Wood Chips

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We’ve teamed up with SmokinLicious® to bring you the ideal wood chip size for your Orion Cooker that ensures complete combustion and flavor.  

We’ve done the research for you – testing various size wood chips for rate of combustion, amount of product needed, level of biochar production, and overall flavor and color to foods – and determined the perfect size chip to fit in your Orion Cooker.   

We have custom blended different hardwoods for the perfect match to beef, game, poultry, fish, pork, fruits, and vegetables.

Our wood chips are 100% hardwood that is bark-free, forest-grown only, and manufactured specifically for cooking in the Orion Cooker.


Custom Blends

Pork Blend: custom blend of hickory, sugar maple, and wild cherry hardwoods

Poultry Blend: custom blend of sugar maple and wild cherry hardwoods

Beef/Game Blend: custom blend of oak and wild cherry hardwoods

Fish/Vegetable/Fruit Blend: custom blend of alder and sugar maple hardwoods


Product Information:

Minuto® Chip #6
Package Volume: 158 cu in/0.002 m²/2.6L
Approximate No. of Cooks per Bag: 3