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Orion Cooker® 2.75" Deep Drip Pan

Orion Cooker® 2.75" Deep Drip Pan

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XzDrip Pan

Stainless steel replacement drip pan for the  Orion Cooker®.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
It's Amazing!

Gave my electric smoker to my son. This is the last cooker you will need!!

william baker

The deep pan is the ultimate I also ordered the Big Ol Grease Catcher but didn't get it still waiting I paid for it so send it to me

Larry Oden
Hawg Drip pan

Pan extra depth over the original will be a plus and should be easier to clean. Able to put more water and apple juice in the pan which provided more moisture during the cooking.

Kieran Johnson
Deep Pan

I ordered the deep pan because my original pan was stolen by a racoon. The deeper pan is much better than the original. Would recommend it.

Jonathan Race
The Best Upgrade for My Orion Cooker

I have been cooking on my Orion since they first came out and have made far too many excellent meals with it to count. It is my go-to piece of outdoor cooking equipment whenever I want to impress and satisfy at any event. Honestly, the one thing I never did like about it was the original shallow drip pan as it was honestly a real mess to get out of the cooker. This new deep drip pan corrects that problem and makes things so much easier - possibly the best upgrade to my original Orion Cooker that I could want!