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Orion Cooker

Magnetic Multi-Tong

Magnetic Multi-Tong

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UNIQUE MAGNETIC HANDLES: 2 Piece Set Connects For 4 Uses - Set includes a Spatula and Fork which connect at the handles to use as Tongs and a Server.

PREMIUM DESIGN: High Grade Stainless Steel and Elegant Design - This premium quality tool set has unique functionality and contemporary design.

VERSATILE: Magnetic Handles Connect - Versatile handle system connects with a special magnetic handle that allows you to use as a Spatula, Fork, Tongs and a Server. For storage they nest on top of each other so they take a little amount of space to store.

PRACTICAL: Connects to Side BBQ Shelf - The magnetic handles allow them to hang from most side BBQ, Smoker and Ceramic Grill Counters. We also include a metal piece with 2 way tape in case the steel surface is not magnetic.

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